Mens UK Highland Cheviot Tweed Waistcoats

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Men’s Classic Highland Cheviot Tweed Waistcoats

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Mens UK Highland Cheviot Tweed Waistcoats

UK Highland Cheviot Tweed Waistcoats Hand Made By Tweed Jackets Leeds UK.

Traditional Style
Twin Front Pockets
5 Button Front Fastening
Rear Buckle Adjustment
Made In Britain

1100% pure new wool.  360 grams (14 Oz)

Highland Cheviot Tweeds Available: (Click To Enlarge)

CHE001 - UK Cheviot Charcoal CHE002 - UK Cheviot Flintstone CHE003 - UK Cheviot Flintstone Crag
CHE001 CHE002 CHE003
Cheviot Charcoal Cheviot Flintstone Cheviot Flintstone Crag
CHE013 - UK Cheviot Crag CHE024 - UK Cheviot Fen CHE038 - UK Cheviot Sea
CHE013 CHE024 CHE038
Cheviot Crag Cheviot Fen Cheviot Sea
CHE045 - UK Cheviot Heath Sea CHE064 - UK Cheviot Green Lovat Fen CHE072 - UK Cheviot Bog Flintstone
CHE045 CHE064 CHE072
Cheviot Heath Sea Cheviot Green Lovat Fen Cheviot Bog Flintstone
CHE084 - UK Cheviot Loden Fen CHE102 - UK Cheviot Rave CHE105 - UK Cheviot Flintstone Petrol
CHE084 CHE102 CHE105
Cheviot Loden Fen Cheviot Rave Cheviot Flintstone Petrol
CHE107 - UK Cheviot Black CHE108 - UK Cheviot Pheasant CHE109 - UK Cheviot Pheasant Loganberry
CHE107 CHE108 CHE109
Cheviot Black Cheviot Pheasant Cheviot Pheasant Loganberry
CHE110 - UK Cheviot Pheasant Red CHE111 - UK Cheviot Mocha CHE111 - UK Cheviot Mocha
CHE110 CHE111 CHE112
Cheviot Pheasant Red Cheviot Mocha Cheviot Mocha Reeve
CHE113 - UK Cheviot Mocha Redstartd CHE155 - UK Cheviot BB Tweed CHE159 - UK Cheviot Mallard Evergreen
CHE113 CHE155 CHE159
Cheviot Mocha Redstart Cheviot BB Tweed Cheviot Mallard Evergreen
  CHE160 - UK Cheviot Midnight Ocean  
Cheviot Midnight Ocean

Made to Order/Commissioned items,

Please note that all measurements must be taken as final.

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